Object Profile

We do research on software quality. Making software by offering dedicated tools is our drive force. Our dedicated analysis tools use tailored visual-based solutions. Such visual representation guide improvement and decision.

Our team is composed of people having a strong background in research and an extensive experience among a large range of companies. Object Profile is based in Santiago, Chile.

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Software Quality

We regularly assess the quality and provide improvements for industrial software systems. In particular, we help addressing the following issues, frequently encountered in the software industry:

  • Verifying the architecture (usually defined on a white board) against the source code
  • Identify dependencies and measuring the impact to replace a software library
  • Profiling software execution to identify performance bottlenecks and memory usage patterns
  • Identifying decaying software components and design the roadmap for an easy transition

We use advanced techniques of source code modeling, execution profiling, and software visualization techniques to analysis software systems.

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Software Performance

We regularly participate in premium academic conferences on software performances, software evolution, and software engineering.

We use advanced models to represent memory and CPU resource consumption. These models are used to identify redundant memory usage or superflous CPU usage. Such an anomaly may be removed by adequately introducing a software cache.

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We have produced a number of products to support our analysis.

  • We are the driving effort behind the Roassal visualization engine and its associated book, Agile Visualization.
  • We have authored and contributed to several essential parts of the Moose software analysis platform
  • Our team is composed of regular contributors to the Pharo and VisualWorks development platforms
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We offer services structured around three pillars:

  • Support for the Roassal and other related tools (Hapao, Mondrian, Spy, etc)
  • Software execution analysis and performance assessment
  • Development related to visualization and / or software quality

Get in touch for more information.

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You can reach us via many different channels

  • Email us. We always answer emails in a timely fashion. If you do not get an answer from us then something got wrong.
  • Many screenshots, tips, and experiences are shared via Twitter:
  • Intense discussion also happens on Facebook
  • We are physically based in Santiago, Chile, at INRIA Chile.
  • You can give us a ring or use whatapp to +56 9 913 123 81
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